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IT Policy

All general hardware & software needs are to be entered into the IT helpdesk. Icons should be on your desktop. 
Follow-up questions can be directed to              703-876-9590       x-370

Our Awesome Team



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On-Site Equipment

Your IT equipment is included in your operations budget.  Please review your needs with your regional manager. Your PC is the single most valuable tool.

Mobile Devices: Our IT Administrator (Jomary) manages all company-issued devices. Orders & issues with company-issued devices should be submitted through the helpdesk. Any incurred costs are included in the property's monthly cellphone invoice. Policy Form: 

Business Center Equipment: All equipment can be diagnosed remotely by our technicians. However; this service is billable by $50/hr. Orders and issues should be reported thru the helpdesk. 

Copier/Fax/Scanners: Technicians are only able to diagnose network and connectivity settings. Please coordinate any hardware issues with vendor listed on machine sticker with serial number (ie. DCA/Xerox). The IT department is currently in transition of converting all properties to E-fax, more information to come Summer 2018. For quotes & pricing on new equipment, please refer to the IT intranet. 

Check Scanners: The technicians can troubleshoot any connectivity issues remotely. Should you need a replacement machine, please submit order request in helpdesk. To prolong the life of the check scanner, we advise to always keep on-hand Panini cleaning cards ($27.99/15 cards). We always recommend sending in damaged check scanner for repair with vendor and keeping onsite as backup. The vendor details and instructions can be obtained from IT Administrator (Gianna).

Equipment Locker: In case of a area outages for extended periods of time, the IT department has lockers located at designated properties containing network, wire and repair parts for rapid deployment.





IT Intranet

You will find pricing/policy details/IT training videos and helpful links from any internet browser at:

passcode: gh2021

Security Cameras: On occasion techs will assist properties with burning a DVD of a security camera video clip for authorities. Our technicians are prohibited from repairing or maintaining systems. Please coordinate with your vendor. (ie.Comcast/ESSI/Doorking).

Package Scanners/Signature Pads: The technicians are able to troubleshoot connectivity issues remotely. However; should you need product replacement, please submit a helpdesk ticket. 


The IT department always asks that site staff verifies accounts are paid up to date. Technicians are unable to diagnose connectivity issues if services are shut-off due to non-payment.  


Internet Outage: The technicians will try to troubleshoot internet connections.  Rebooting cable modems and routers are routine support items. When area outages affect a property, we can provide an emergency wireless connection box.  This equipment allows one wireless connection to the internet to be shared by all. 


Phone System Outage: Technicians can troubleshoot connectivity issues. However; Verizon, Comcast, Winstream/Paetec/Cavalier, AT&T outages are beyond our control.  If your phone service provider will be out for an extended period,  our department can provide a cell-based backup for your use.  We can forward the property phone number during the day to the wireless box for staff to answer the property main line. The equipment is located at Gates Hudson main office and can be delivered on short notice. Your Internet provider is not needed with this equipment. Please keep in mind this service is billable at $25/per day for wireless box. 


Software Outage:  Should any company software require downtime, the Software Applications Manager (Cyndi) will provide company wide notice. If you're unable to access Yardi/Nexus Payables/RentCafe; we advise you reach out to the Gates Hudson Education & Training department. 


Weekend Outages: The IT department does not handle on-site calls on the weekends or holidays. In most cases our third party vendor can provide assistance:

Leon Hollowell, Hcomm Technologies LLC (301.885.2821 ext. 201). Please keep in mind this service is billable and initial site visit cost is $125.00/trip and $25 per 15 minutes of support additionally. 

Security & Usage Policies

Security Awareness

The IT department periodically tests all employees on ransomware awareness by email spoofing. Our IT intranet provides helpful "how to" videos for detecting ransomware, sharing information, downloading questionable links.

Please refer to the "IT Training" link for additional helpful resources. 



Security training is scheduled through our third-party vendor, KnowBe4. Should you wish to obtain login information or would like to access additional training, please submit a helpdesk ticket. 

Video/Music Streaming


Computer resources are not unlimited. Network bandwidth and storage capacity have finite limits, and all users connected to the network have a responsibility to conserve these resources. As such, users must not deliberately perform acts that waste computer resources or unfairly monopolize resources to the exclusion of others.


These acts include, but are not limited to, sending mass mailings or chain letters, spending excessive amounts of time on the Internet, playing games, engaging in online chat groups or other social media, uploading or downloading large files, accessing streaming audio and/or video files, or otherwise creating unnecessary loads on network traffic associated with non-business-related uses of the Internet.

Password Protection


Passwords are an important aspect of computer security. They are the front line of protection for your individual access. At Gates Hudson we continuously stress:


  • Never share your password with colleagues

  • Log off PC daily to prevent any misuse

  • The IT department does not store your password information, please keep credentials in a safe place. 

  • Should you experience lockout in any of our software, please submit a Helpdesk ticket. 

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